Are You Looking For Inspiration When it Comes To Creating The Purrfect Environment For Your House Cat?

Do you want to find out more about the foods you should be feeding your house cat, learn about the best interactive play techniques or want to inspire and meet other house cat owners in a lively community? We can help you achieve this and more at Indoor Paws.


Meet The People Behind The Paws

Hannah Dean and Hugo

We're Hannah & Dean, originally from Bristol, UK. Our black Oriental is called Hugo, he gets himself in to all sorts of mischief!

With house cats becoming a more popular option for pet owners in the UK, our mission is to inspire those who do choose to keep their cats indoors and provide them with quality information on how to keep house cats as happy and as safe as possible.

You'll find a range of information on our website, so whether you're looking for information on the nutritional needs of your indoor cat, or it's behaviour issues you need help with, you'll find informative and trustworthy articles on these topics and more.

 ''Indoor Paws is on a mission to inspire you to create safe & fun environments that make happy and healthy indoor cats. 

Whether you're learning through our high quality resources or chatting in the Facebook Community Group, you can trust that Indoor Paws has your indoor cats welfare at the heart of everything we do''

Q&A Sessions

As well as bringing our readers informative information on the care of house cats, we also regulalry speak to leading and local businesses and brands to discover more about the people (& paws!) behind the brands that we love.

You'll find a Q&A Sessions section on our website where you can read inside information on the businesses you buy from!

And the best bit about our Q&A Sessions? You'll discover new, local & leading businesses who's aim is to provide products that contribute to that all important enriched and fulfilled indoor cat lifestyle.

We've spoken to Ruffle Snuffle, Tractive & CatFurNature to name a few...check them out!


Indoor Paws

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