Best cat trees for indoor cats

When you keep a cat indoors, it’s up to you to provide all the stimulation and environmental enrichment that they would naturally find outside. They rely on their hooman to make them happy and a big part of that happiness involves having something to scratch and climb!

Cat trees are a brilliant way of providing a strong and safe place for your indoor cat to stretch, scratch and climb up high – it’s fundamental to their well-being.

Why does an indoor cat need a cat tree?

Cats need access to varying heights

Cats Need access to varying heights. It’s not just so they feel that extra sense of importance though, cats need access to high spaces to explore and feel safe. They need a safe space up high to escape from any perceived danger and to have a safe place to rest. It’s essential for your indoor cats well being. If your cat doesn’t have access to any high space they could become stressed.

Providing your indoor cat with high spaces is especially essential if they share the home with other pets. Providing them with a sanctuary up high will allow them to escape the mayhem down below when they need to.

Cats need daily stimulation & exercise

Providing your cat with mental and physical stimulation isn’t just about buying that new trendy toy. A cat tree can be a great way of providing your cat with some mental and physical stimulation, too. They’ll be able to let off some steam by climbing, jumping, running and scratching which is an essential piece of the puzzle to keeping your indoor cat happy.

Indoor cats are particularly prone to a sedentary lifestyle, which means we need to provide lots of opportunities for them to exercise. A big cat tree that challenges your cat to climb and keep strong will encourage exercise and keep them from becoming overweight.

Cats need to scratch

Scratching and climbing are part of a cat’s natural instincts. Scratching keeps the claws trimmed and allows them to shed their layers. In the wild, a cat would use the bark from a tree, a rock and other rough surfaces but when you have a house cat, it’s essential to provide this opportunity for them. That’s when cat trees and scratching posts come in handy!

Cats like to hunt

Cats love to hunt, It’s a fact! In the wild, your cat would be hiding, pouncing and stalking it’s prey so it’s important to encourage this behaviour to keep their natural instincts happy. A cat tree with lots of hiding holes, arches, dips and tunnels will be used to hide and hunt at play time. These types of cat trees are great for hiding treats and kibble for your cat to hunt out.

Cats love to stretch

Just like humans, cats love a good stretch. It’s good for blood flow and helps reactivate those muscles after a long cat nap. When your indoor cat wakes up from a snooze, the first thing they’ll likely do is stretch. If there’s a cat tree in the house they’ll probably head there to stretch out and have a scratch. That’s because cats need to be ‘on guard’ as soon as they awake. If the opportunity to hunt some passing prey arrises, they need to have activated muscles and be ready to pounce. So, for cats, stretching is more about preparing their bodies for survival and hunting.

When you provide your indoor cat with a tall cat tree, they’re able to stretch out tall and keep their body prepared to pounce and hunt at any moment. Stretching is an important part of your cats well being, so height and width should be considered when you buy a new cat tree.

A safe space for a cat nap

Taking cat naps is what our indoor cats do best. They are absolute pro’s when it comes to snoozing, so it’s essential that we provide a few safe places for them to do so. One area that proves popular for the all-important naps is a cat tree.

A cat tree that has hanging hammocks to rest in or cubby holes to escape to are great for a sleepy kitty. Cats need to feel safe when they sleep and cat trees are the perfect safe space for them to do so.

If your indoor cat doesn’t have some safe and quiet places to sleep in, they could become stressed and this will lead to unwanted behaviour.

What are the best cat trees for indoor cats?

By now, you should be clued up as to why big sturdy cat tree really is essential to keeping your indoor cat happy and content.

To recap, the best cat trees for indoor cats include:

  • Varying heights, for exercise and lookout
  • Lot’s of hiding places
  • Hanging toys and interactivity for mental stimulation
  • Varying levels, for exercise
  • Strong and sturdy posts (sisal is an ideal material) for scratching and stretching
  • Holes, caves and tunnels to encourage hunting
  • Some resting spots which provide a safe space to snooze

TecTake Cat Scratchers

First on our list of the best cat trees for indoor cats is the TecTake range.

TecTake have a wide range of cat trees that match all of the above requirements. They’re strong, sturdy and best of all, tall! They’ll keep your indoor cat happy with various hiding places for those super important cat naps!





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 LeoPet Cat Trees

LeoPet are fairly well known for their supersized cat trees. They offer various styles in a range of colours and are great for multi-cat households.

LeoPet Cat Trees have tons of hiding places and a high structure, they’re great for stretching and scratching.




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RHRQuality Cat Trees

RHRQuality offers a large range of various sized cat trees for your indoor cat. They have specialist stronger cat trees for those heavier breeds such as the Main Coon but also some medium sized trees with plenty of hiding places and sisal scratch posts.



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Todeco Cat Trees

Todeco cat trees have some amazing reviews from existing customers. They are excellent for encouraging your indoor cat to climb and play, expelling excess energy throughout the day. They also come with super cute hiding places where your indoor cat can cuddle in and take a cat nap!



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We hope this has given you some insight as to why a big strong cat tree is so important for your indoor cat. If you think you’ve found the best cat tree for your indoor cat, let us know in the comments!

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