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Do siamese cats like water?

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If this video of a swimming Siamese cat is anything to go by, then yes, Siamese cats do in fact like water!

But if you’re already halfway out the door on your way to find a Siamese cat that swims, SIT DOWN. You’ll probably be disappointed, because this is more of a rarity than standard, for any cat!

Having said that, some breeds do seem to be more fascinated with water than others.

Many owners report that their Siamese or Oriental cat is obsessed with water, often staring at a flowing tap, batting the drips of a leaking faucet or even seeking water out and swimming like the one above.

Siamese cats are intelligent

Siamese cat owners will already be familiar with their personality type, but if you don’t own a Siamese/Oriental, just know that they want to be near you all of the time and are quite possibly the nosiest cat breed to exist, ever.

They want to know what you’re doing 24/7 and they are not shy when it comes to telling you what they want.

The Siamese cat is very intelligent, and this is one possible reason for them liking water more than your average cat. They are extremely inquisitive creatures and love to push boundaries.


Intelligence and inquisitiveness are two possible reasons why some Siamese cats love water, but their love for the wet stuff could also come from their natural instincts.

Keeping cool in the wild

For big cats that live in the wild, the weather is likely to be pretty hot. Naturally, they’ll look for ways of cooling down which includes more than just a chillax in the shade. Many big cats turn to water to provide them with some relief from the elements.

For most domestic cats, the closest encounter they’ll have with water is when their hooman is doing the washing up or taking a bath. Jumping in the kitchen sink isn’t appealing to most kitties, providing they live in a comfortable environment, so the chances are they’ll ignore the water and get on with ignoring you.

But it’s the idea that wild cats will use water to cool down that fuels the theory that some domestic cats will also be attracted to water.

Does the Siamese cat’s curiosity for water come from their natural instincts? It’s definitely a theory!

Encourage water play

Although not all cats like to bath in water or play with water drops, there are a few things cat owners can do to encourage water play. Encouraging water play is a good idea because it usually leads to them drinking more water.

Cat water fountains are a great way of encouraging your cat to drink more water (and play with it!) – just check out these designs!

Does your Siamese cat love water? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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